Tuesday, April 4, 2017

SHOCKER: President Trump give reasons why Obama cause Syria Chemical Attack

President Donald Trump say na because of the way Obama dey do as president, na make Syria done day use chemical weapon. He say, if Obama take dem seriously, things for no bad reach how dem be today.

Chemical weapons na also waytn oyinbo dey call “Weapons of Mass Distruction” (WMD) which mean say, na dat kind of weapon wai day kill plenty people at once.

Dozens of people die on Tuesday (4th April 2017) wen dem bomb one hospital while many injured civilians dey get treatment from chemical attack. Human Right Activists tok say de attack na one of the badest since fighting don start for dat country for six-year now.

Life for Syria na suffer-head. On top of all the killing and flying bullet, dis bad attack don join put. Among the people when suffer from the chemical attack, na women, children and innocent people wen no join mouth for the fight matter.

Trump blast Obama say for 2012, Obama say US no go gree for President Assad of Syria to use chemical weapons, Obama say if he dear, US go enter him country and treat him fork up.

Later, Assad still use chemical weapon and Obama no do am anything, Obama just yab am but him no send his military as promised, however many aproko dey say na Obama give the rebels weapons and that same rebels na ISIS who also dash Boko Haram weapons. 

The thing wai no kon make sence na the fact say Trump oppose Obama that year wen he dey call am mumu on Twitter if he attack Syria. For 2013 Trump tweeted


Trump don already make am clear say he no day interested in overthrowing Assad even though the man get the type of weapon wen make George W. Bush attack Iraq. Assad na also friend of Russia so since Russia’s Putin and Trump na like 5 and 6, he no go join mouth put for that fight. This na the same fight way done make millions of refugees leave Syria enter everywhere for the Middle East to Europe, to Australia and America.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

PHOTO: Villagers find missing farmer for inside snake belly

Dem don dead-body of one man for inside one giant python. The 25 years old man whos name na Akbar, dispear over the weekend and him family kon dey worry because he tell them he wan hervest palm oil but no come back.

Indigenes for the village of Salubiro wai dey for de eastern island of Sulawesi on Monday cut open a 23-foot snake after dey notice how the snake over big and em no fit move well. Dey also notice say dem fit see trace of person boat for the snake belly and some of Akbar tools dey near wear the snake dey.

The snake swallow the man complete which na something nobody for Salubiro don ever see before.

One expart zoologist talk say, that kind of python fit grow reach 20 feet but for it to chop human being no occational happenings. He say they den chop children sometime but hardly a full grown man and this case na strange one. 


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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Man kill his 8 years old wife with his brokus

This one na one yama-yama story from Hardh wai dey for northern Yeman.

One 40 years old matured man married a 8 years old girl. On the night of their wedding, he try to enter her and end up killing the poor child. This one na the same country wen that former Zafara State Governor go get his 13 years old bride that year.

The ma no shame because na their culture and religion to marry small children. Even though the girl never matured and he old enough to be her grand father, he man no fit control himself and con end up injouring the girl until she die.

The report we get say, she bleed to death from the inside.

The thing be say, for that country, the man no commit any crime since he done marry the girl 12 hours before he injure her. Human Right Activites done dey ask for the government to arrest the 40 years old man but no body send dem.

This na public mass marrage for Gaza

This marrage happen for Afghn


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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

PHOTO: Yoruba Prophet give him daughter belle

The ‘miracle working prophet’ Taiwo Oluboyode who be the GO (General Overseer) of one white garment church wen dey for Olr-ljebu Street, Ododr, Idanre area of Ondo State, don confess say na him give him 16 years old daughter belle. The poor girl dey carry the six months old baby of her papa.


For police station, the 56 years old man tell olorpa say na devil make am spoil the girl, but people for him area no gree. Dey say him do am to recharge him juju-power, say ne ritual act. The reason why dey accuse am of jazz na because, the community people say the man get power (no be small). Even sef, people too dey rush him church for help and miracles. They say some of them come as far as Maiduguri just to see the prophet. They say everytime he day bath women for river to wash off curses and evil spirit wai dey hold their life backward.

The mama of the girl no dey live with the prophet anymore as she run from her husband house and he no allow her take dir daughter leave. So as him wife leave, the man con turn him piken to bed mate.

Prophet Taiwo
After he notics say she done pregnate, he start to dey hide her for house and dey tell her schoolmate say she don travel go Lagos for school. He even try tp abort the pikin by giving her concoction but the belle still day. This he dey do for secret until a neighbour see the girl with biggie belle, na so Prophet Taiwo enter police net.

As church members her say their prophet dey police station for abomination, dey all find their squareroot. All the church leaders too run because dey no want trouble. Right now, the whole church dey lock and no body wan go near
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Friday, December 16, 2016

"Free my husband" Nnamdi Kanu's wife dey hala president Buhari

The wife of Nnamdi Kanu (Uchechi Okwu Kanu) don vex for president Mohamadu Buhari wen news reach her say, dem do secret court season for for husband. She dey wonder why dem no tell anybody say court go hold and con trail am for secret. She say she no want dat kan 'wayo'? Dem they kill unarmed pro-Biafra protesters for public and tried Boko Haram suspects for public, so why her husband case different? She say Kanu no be terrorist, say na freedom-fighter (like Mandela) wen wan separate from Nigeria.

Kanu and wife

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

JUJU: Bros brokus move to him lap after he bang another man wife (Photo)

This news break for Kanya. One bros come out publicly dey beg people for forgiveness. He claim say him brokus move down to him right lap after he sleep with another man wife.

People say na juju. Them say the woman too dey cheat on her husband nahim the man jazz her toto. 

Aproko Report ask one Babalawo wai dey based for Lagos about this type of jazz. He say he no want make we post him name and that him never see this type of juju but Kenya obviously get am. He say to revere this kind of juju go cost the boy wella but hope still dey. He advice the boy to beg the husband and may be find better church make them pray for him life as him problem fit bad pass him prick changing position.

This other guy wan laugh. Idiot!

 The Babalawo con say, em fit be say the boy get curse and na so dem born am. He say when next he travel through astral-projection to Kenya, he must track down the Witch-Doctor wai make this type of juju and learn.

We go bring you update sha.


See as him prick don change position.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Senate Wan Make Buhari Conduct Census By 2018

The Senate for Nigeria don ask president Buhari make him start to dey prepare for de counting of everybody wai dey for Nigeria. This counting na de census.
This na something wen former president Obasenjo been last do (that year, 2006).

So this idea come from the motion wen one Senator Sule Hunkuyi forward for plenary today ‎for Abuja. As usual, them say make government think about am and release money quick quick for de project to succeed.

Hunkuyi use better word take wash the matter say na part of planning o. As usual, they ask for money for the NPOPC (National Population Commision) because better thing na money kill am and as year don dey end, ei go better for government to join am inside 2017 Budget.
He say ei don tai since the last census and by the time 2018 for don reach, ei go be 12 years space between de two census. He say, based on international standard, ei suppose take 2 year to plan proper census.

Another senator, ‎John Enoh say the plan make sense because normally, dem suppose do am every 10 year as the United Nation provision agree. May other senators back am too.

I interview one aproko wen no want him name publish advice him people say, "De result of the censous go help government plan well. So make my people nno dull dem self dis time, you must count your chickens and fish as human being just the way dem count sheep and cows for Kano during Olusegun Obasenjo time".

If ei go hold, everybody must to count and by that way, even government go know how many people Boko Haram to mud since Yahadua time. Me I know go surprise if North still produce billions of people sha.
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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Kidnapped Student and Principal Freed

Igbonla Senior and Junior Model Collage.

One aproko for Lagos State Ministry of Information don reveal to us say, the victims don rescue.

he no make am clear wader dem pay ransom, all he say na dey don regain dir freedom and go re-unit with their family. Ei no easy o, person just go school/work and end up prisonal for 5 days.

Anyway, Lagos State Deputy Governor, Dr. Idiat Oluranti Adebule go address press.

We been dey fear say the kidnapper go release video where dem go announce say dey don marry the 2 student and principal. I just dey happy say dem no allow this one turn to #BringBackOurGirls campaign. I sure say this student go fit speak english sha. Congratulation to the police for not allowing the matter turn to something else as all the victim dey safe.

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EC Disqualify 13 Out of De 17 People Wen Wan be Ghana President

Right: EC Chairman, Charlotte Osei

‎The Electoral Commission of Ghana (EC) don disqualify 13 out of the 17 people wen wan contest this year election. The commission talk say only four people go fit contest the election.

‎EC Chairperson, Charlotte Osei, say de disqualified candidates not meetup to some of the rules. She say some of dem fake their signature, others no get enough signature to contest and some just fill their nomination for anyhow. She also say, some of them put fake information for their form (that na frund) so dey go forward dir matter go police.

Osei give de name of de qualified candidates as: 
John Mahama of the rulling ‎National Democratic Congress (NDC),

Nana Akufo-Addo of de main opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP),‎

Ivor Greenstreet of de Convention People's Party (CPP) and‎

Jacob Osei-Yeboah, who be independent candidate without political party.

‎Ghana  go do dir election on December 7th, 2016 wen dem go try to elect a new president and 275 Members of Parliament.

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One Week Since Dr. Okowa Disappear!

Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, Governor Delta State

Ei don reach one week since anybody take eye see the governor of Delta State Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa.

Rumour ‎say the governor faint for governor house wai dey for Asaba, Delta State and dey suffer from one sickness wai nobody understand.

According to one aproko wai dey work inside the governor house, Okowa suppose  ‎attend one Teachers Day Celebration for cenotaph last Wednesday but he no show up as he just collapse for him office.

Everybody wait for the governor to show up but he fall their hand. Dey have to call his deputy, Barrister Kingsley Otuaro make him for represent the governor at the last minute.

The aproko talk say, he witness as dem hurry carry the governor go somewhere nobody know‎.
He talk say since that time, nobody done see am (even him aids). Since last week, you go notice say na the Deputy Governor dey attend ALL the public function. This aproko still dey tell Sahara Reporter‎ say, ei don tai wen Okowa dey suffer from one mystirous sickness. He say since him be senator, he no well.‎ He talk say dis sickness dey affect him blood that na why the governor faint.

Aproko Report contact another aproko who be staff for the Governors House. This aproko talk say na lie. He claim say the governor injure himself when he dey baff for bathroom. The wall of the bathroom fall on top him leg. He say the governor na private man wai hate "sypathy" (Okowa no like make people dey tell am sorry) so him no go comeout until he leg don heal. ‎Our aproko talks say the guy wai spread that rumour say mysterious illness dey worry the governor na wicked person.

Either way, something no dey okay with our governor so I wish am quick recovery.

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Policeman Kill Okada Rider Over N50

One policeman wai dey petch ‎along Aliade-Awajir road for Benue State, vex shot okada man just because of fifty naira rocha.

The okada rider who's name na Friday go 'buy market‎' when he put mouth for matter wai no concern am. The late Okada rider see the police dey argue with another okada rider over N50 rocha and con try to settle dem na the police vex shot am exactly for him forehead. The police man mean am for him life for him to target the forehead. Poor Friday drop dead on the spot. 

As Idoma Voice Newspaper report; This yeye behaviour of the police man provoke youth for the area as them start to dey protest well well. Some say dey must burn that police station because, how N50 con worth human life?

When dem ask Moses Yamu who be the Police Public Relation Officer about the matter, he talk say him no know anything about the matter so how him fit talk? He say official report about the matter never reach their office, say him go "find out and get back to you".‎ That na another way of saying, make una leave me alone, waiten don happen don happen.

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Friday, October 7, 2016

PHOTO: Wicked Step-mum Feeds Small Infant With Acid For Ilorin

One jealous step-mother go feed her step son with acid few days after his birthday, or na so dem claimed.

The reason why dem blame her na because, the 3-days old infant start to dey cry after the step-mother carry the boy to baf am. Him mama rush to the bathroom and ask for her pikin but the step-mother no gree as she dey fear say dem don catch her.

After dey take the infant to The Iiorin Genral Hospital where de doctor confirm say dem don poison her pikin.

Kabir, the poision 3days old infant.

After dey present the matta ohha to the step-mother (who be the elder first wife out of the three), she confess say she give the pikin with methylated spirit, she say she committed the crime because juju dey worry her.

The father of the child, vex and ask him first wife to produce the poison but she no fit show am even wen he day blend her. She only confess say she feed am with methylated spirt but she no fit show evidence.
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Gunmen kidnap school principal, teacher and 4 student for Lagos

Yesterday some gunmen bust enter Igbonla Senior and Junior Model College, wen dey for de outskirts of Epe, and kidnap de vice-principal, the head teacher and four students. Although later, two of the kidnap student manage escape and both the Deputy Governor of Lagos Dr. (Mrs) Idiat Oluranti Adebule,  and The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni put their mouth for the matter.

Eyewitness say early as 8am, about seven kidnappers bust enter the school as everybody dey do assembly for one hall. They come from the Ogbere river wai dey for the back of the school on speed boats, scatter part of the school fence and carry the Principal, Head Teacher and Four Student. Then dey con escape through the same speed boat wai dey carry waka come.

The school

Among the people they kidnap na Lukman Oyerinde, who be the elder brother of the late Olaitan Oyerinde, a former aide to Governor Adam Oshiomhole.

Police later say, na dem resuce the two student wai escape. As Dr. Idiat Oluranti Adebule paid solidarity visit to comfort parent and beg parent to work with police catch the kidnapper.

The Niger State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Bala Elkana say after two hours of gun battle with the gunmen, dey manage to free two of the student without stray bullet injuring dem. He talk say the police manage wound some of the kidnappers before they escape through bush. He reveal say, the VP of the school call police for help when the gunmen enter the school, that na how the police come show up and even chase the kidnapper free two out of the four abducted children.

File Photo: For left na CP and for left na VP while middle na Governor of Lagos.

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